Let's face it we love our bullets more than most of our relatives. In fact everyday when I kneel in front of it (to check the oil, tyre pressure, chain or brake slack people confuse the ritual with praying. And praying it is, for another day of joyous ride.
So everytime I had to take my bull for maintenance it made my heart ache tranferring my love to someone else's care.
With time I have developed the art of maintaining my Bullet. With time I have also developed a circle of mechanics who I can rely on. Why a circle? you might ask. Is one good mechanic not enough. Plain answer is no. Like in the case of every doctor, lawyer or banker you need a second opinion.
So I am listing down my tried and tested mechanics around NCR. In case you have any more to add do inform and I'll add them in my poll list. if they recieve enough positive polls I'll review them too.
A word of advise, always treat your bullet mechanic with the respect they deserve, be friendly with them and they'll really take care of your ride. Otherwise you are just another job to be gotten over with.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Sanjay mechanic review

Sanjay mechanic

Karol bagh has sporadic growth of Bullet mechanics all over the place. Due to this it gets quite difficult to select mechanics for review. My main focus has always been mechanics who can provide complete solutions at one place. Sanjay is one of them. In fact the 200 metre space around him can be considered as the essence of the complete Karol Bagh motorcycle market.

Location of Sanjay mechanic

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Natraj Royal Enfield Review

Natraj Royal Enfield

On the left side of NH8 in Gurgaon is your trusted Motoradd Werkstatt . On right side of NH8 in the old Gurgaon you still have Royal Motorcycles. However what do you do in case your cruiser gives up on the NH8. In that case the only option that you are left with is Natraj Royal Enfield. The place looks like a typical roadside rig with four brick walls, bamboos supporting a flex banner and an assortment of unmade Enfields. The proximity of crematorium and the dead Bullets in the shed might seem like an inauspicious omen to some. Though pushing your Bullet to any other nearby mechanic might lead to more inauspicious results. Better stay and you might still have your ride ready for the road.

Location of Natraj Royal Enfield

Gurdial Auto Engineers review

Gurdial Auto Engineers

Whenever people talk of Bullet mechanics in Karol Bagh two names come to mind. Lalli Singh and Gurdial. Both names are synonymous for good quality work, honest people and reasonable prices. They are also synonymous for cramped quarters, overcrowded shops and foreign tourists but we'll touch those points later. It was their age old heritage and longer than Qutb Minar list of illustrious clientele that drew me to them.
I first tried finding out about Lalli Singh. It was not very hard to find their shop but then it was a shop that rented out motorcycles and not repaired them. Their workshop was on the other end of the market, in Gali no. 4. When I did wade my way through the myriad of motorcycle shops and reached Lalli Singh workshop, I was promptly informed by their very efficient staff that they carried out repairs only for their motorcycles. While this tit bit, about a shop having enough number of motorcycles in Karol bagh to warrant its own workshop was very interesting, nevertheless it did nothing to uplift my mood. What it did to my Bullet's mood was another story because as I emerged from Gali no. 4 it gave three quick jerks as if to throw me over and came to a halt. It was a winter morning and I was a novice in matters related to Enfield engineering. So cold sweat LITERALLY ran down my head as I goaded my ride to move on. It was in this condition that I found my way to Gurdial Auto engineers.

Location of Gurdial Auto Engineers

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Royal Motorcycles review

Royal Motorcycles

I have always longed for a bullet specialist in old Gurgaon. I had connect with Satyendraji in Manzil motors, however once him and his team left the establishment, I was stranded. It was not logical for me to travel some 35-40 odd kms for some minor issues. So I got to exploring. The place where I landed up after all my research was Royal Motorcycles in Gaushaala. The mechanic to contact here is Satish Kumar. He's quite reticent in nature. So you'll be at odds finding out from him just what is wrong with your bullet. He'll get the job done though. He might not be as knowledgeable as people at John or Motoradd, but if you are stuck in old Gurgaon and have to drag your Bull to John or Motoradd, Satish Kumar would seem like a god to you.

Location of Royal Motorcycles

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

John Automobiles review

John Automobiles

Some people call him Pappu, some people call him John. I didn't know what to call him and I don't know still. Might be his real name is Pappu and because his garage is near John Player showroom it started being called John's garage and thus the name of John stuck with him. It could also be that his real name is John and his pet name is Pappu.
Anyways I had heard a lot about him that he could find out the problem with a bike even by the sound it makes. Quite ironically my exhaust was backfiring a lot making very loud blasting sounds. Even after switching to the premium Red rooster exhaust the backfirings did not subside. I had earlier gone to many mechanics and nobody used to think it needed any work. They all said the sound was a part of the free flow exhaust sound. So I thought it was the best time to visit this enfield whisperer.
As soon as entered his garage a guy named Nitin came forward, drawn by the sound. Before even I could say anything he asked me if I had purposely tuned my bull for this sound or do I needed it fixed. When I said that nobody in their right mind would want this cacophony. He wordlessly got to work on it. Within 10 minutes he had the problem fixed which everyone else said never existed.
Furthermore for getting me rid of this long term ailment he did not even charge me anything. Just said that he was happy that the sound is fixed and he'll talk about charges when I come to him with some real problem. Whoa!!! It was enough to turn me into a believer.

Location of John Automobiles

Motorrad Werkstatt review

Motorrad Werkstatt

I know this team since the time I purchased my Bullet from them (Manzil Motors). They have the friendliest of head of operations in Satyendraji. As soon as you meet him, your mind is at ease that he'll take care of everything. A daredevil of sorts, when he's not in hospital recovering from his injuries, he's in the workshop repairing injured Enfields.
His second in command is an amiable guy named Jitender. Very able, very calm and very very knowledgeable. If I entrust my Bullet with anyone else in Motorrad it is him. Equally good in electricals he was able to fix an unheard of Boyer Bransen Power box along with my Deltran Battery in my motorcycle in flat 1 hour.

Location of Motorrad Werkstatt