Let's face it we love our bullets more than most of our relatives. In fact everyday when I kneel in front of it (to check the oil, tyre pressure, chain or brake slack people confuse the ritual with praying. And praying it is, for another day of joyous ride.
So everytime I had to take my bull for maintenance it made my heart ache tranferring my love to someone else's care.
With time I have developed the art of maintaining my Bullet. With time I have also developed a circle of mechanics who I can rely on. Why a circle? you might ask. Is one good mechanic not enough. Plain answer is no. Like in the case of every doctor, lawyer or banker you need a second opinion.
So I am listing down my tried and tested mechanics around NCR. In case you have any more to add do inform and I'll add them in my poll list. if they recieve enough positive polls I'll review them too.
A word of advise, always treat your bullet mechanic with the respect they deserve, be friendly with them and they'll really take care of your ride. Otherwise you are just another job to be gotten over with.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Sanjay mechanic review

Sanjay mechanic

Karol bagh has sporadic growth of Bullet mechanics all over the place. Due to this it gets quite difficult to select mechanics for review. My main focus has always been mechanics who can provide complete solutions at one place. Sanjay is one of them. In fact the 200 metre space around him can be considered as the essence of the complete Karol Bagh motorcycle market.

Location of Sanjay mechanic

The shop is located in Gali no. 52 in Karol bagh. It is on the opposite side of Chawla Auto spares. Very easy to find once you reach Karol Bagh
For location I give it 9/10

Locality of Sanjay mechanic

The locality cannot be better. Right next to the shop is a two wheeler wash. On the opposite side of the shop you have got Chawla Auto spares. Where you can purchase all after-market Bullet products at the most reasonable prices. Go a bit further and you have Sri Ram stores where you can purchase most of the Genuine OEM products. Further down the road there is also Khajanchi where you can purchase or create all kinds of leather accessories for your Bullet. And then you have the complete Karol bagh market to sift through for the products you would like to have.
For locality I give it 9/10

Overall knowledge of Sanjay mechanic

Sanjay has got quite good knowledge of Bullet motorcycle. What I found lacking was his knowledge with regards to product available at Chawla's. Most of the times he would send people fishing for products that were not available. In my case he did not know of a product that was available.  Also his knowledge in electricals is at best average
For knowledge I give it 6/10

Care and ownership at Sanjay mechanic

This place also suffers from the same problems that most of the mechanics in Karol Bagh area have. Cramped overcrowded space and handling multiple jobs simultaneously. On more than one occasion I had my headlight wired improperly so that high beam-low beam function was completely screwed. Due to his average skills in electricals he would often cut up the wrong wires and then bind them together with insulation tapes. Causing weak links in the wiring. Overall a place to completely avoid during rush hours.
For care and ownership I give it 5/10

Sophistication at Sanjay mechanic

A place that sees a sea of customers in a day, sophistication should be the least of your worries. It is the least of their worries too. Sanjay excels at doing quick jobs using a chisel and a hammer whenever necessary.  He does not have time for anything else.
For sophistication I give it 5/10

Overall ease at Sanjay mechanic

You can get Bullet servicing washing waxing and lubing in one place. You can get everything else nearby too. Sanjay takes cash payment only, however there is an ATM here as well in case you need to draw cash. You still have to deal with the crowd and long waiting periods though.
For overall ease I give it 7/10

Genuine parts at Sanjay mechanic

Sanjay does not store any parts. He does not need to. There is Sriram motors nearby. Also an authorised Enfield parts reseller and many others who sell genuine Enfield parts.
For genuine parts I give it 8/10

Variety/Innovative parts at Sanjay mechanic

Again Sanjay does not keep any products but because of his tie up with Chawla auto store you can buy products from Chawla and try it out here. You can get most of the innovative products at the most competitive price from Chawla.
For variety/innovative parts I give it 8/10

Rates at Sanjay mechanic

Rates at Sanjay are on the high side. He's quite consistent about it though. When he quotes a rate he does not back down from it.
For rates I give it 5/10

Timing at Sanjay mechanic

Sanjay mechanic shop is open on all days of the week.
For timing I give it 9/10

Final Rating: 71/100